What to Expect at Your 1st CR Meeting

If you are new to recovery or to Celebrate Recovery®, we understand that attending your first meeting can be intimidating. Here’s what you can expect the first time you attend CR@NBCC on Monday night:FELLOWSHIP MEAL: 6pm – 7pm 

Fellowship is an important part of recovery, so before the large group segment of the night we gather for a meal together and to spend time getting to know one another. This is a great time to ask more questions and get to know others in your recovery group.

LARGE GROUP: 7pm – 8pm

1. Worship – Both men and women gather in the large auditorium to start the meeting. We like to get our hearts ready by singing 3-4 worship songs and praying together.

2. MC Introduction – The CR MC will make any announcements about upcoming events and encourage newcomers, especially, that Celebrate Recovery is a safe place where we want to encourage them to let Jesus heal them of their hurts, habits, and hangups.

3. 12 Steps or 8 Biblical Principles Read Aloud – An important part of the Celebrate Recovery® program is learning and understanding the 12 Steps and 8 Principles. We will say these aloud together.

4. Group Teaching or Personal Testimony – Each Monday we rotate between a teaching on one of the 12 Steps and a personal testimony. During a teaching, the speaker will focus on one step as it relates to recovery. During a personal testimony, we invite other Celebrate Recovery members from around the state to share his/her personal story with us. Testimony nights can often be powerful and emotional but may help you relate to others in recovery.

5. Serenity Prayer – Before breaking into small groups, we will say the Serenity Prayer aloud together.


After the large group format, men and women separate into smaller groups to share on a more intimate level. For your first meeting, you will attend the Celebrate Recovery® 101 small group with any other newcomers. CR leaders will explain the Celebrate Receovery® program in more depth and answer any questions you may have. Men and women within the 101 class will then be separated into two groups and the leader of your group will answer any additional questions.

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